Topic 7: Distributed Systems and Algorithms

1 Description

Parallel computing is heavily dependent on and interacting with the developments and challenges concerning distributed systems, such as load balancing, asynchrony, failures, malicious and selfish behavior, long latencies, network partitions, disconnected operations, distributed computing models and concurrent data structures, and heterogeneity. This track of Euro-Par provides a forum for both theoretical and practical research, of interest to both academia and industry, on distributed systems, distributed computing, distributed algorithms and data structures, and parallel processing on distributed systems, in particular in relation to efficient, parallel computing.

2 Focus

  • Design and practice of distributed algorithms and data structures
  • Analysis of the behavior of distributed systems and algorithms
  • Distributed operating systems
  • Resource and service discovery
  • Resource sharing in distributed systems
  • Distributed fault tolerance
  • Scalability, concurrency and performance of distributed systems
  • Transactional memory
  • Self-organized and self-adjusting distributed systems
  • Collaborative computing
  • Modeling distributed environments
  • System support for parallelism

3 Topic Committee

3.1 Global chair

  • AndrĂ© Schiper, EPFL, Switzerland

3.2 Local chair

  • Josef Widder, TU Wien, Austria

3.3 Additional members

  • Antonio Casimiro, University of Lisbon, Portugal
  • Christof Fetzer, Dresden University of Technology, Germany
  • Marta Patino-Martinez, Technical University of Madrid, Spain
  • Pierre Sens, LIP6/Inria Paris Rocquencourt, France



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Workshop Organizers Meeting:
Monday, August 24th,
18:15 - 19:00, room EI 3A


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Conference program online


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