Topic 6: Grid, Cluster and Cloud Computing

1 Description

Heterogeneous Distributed Computing (HDC) systems (Grids, Clouds) have changed the IT landscape in the way we access and manage IT infrastructures. The use of computing resources accessible remotely in a seamless way has become essential for many applications in various areas. These technologies provide easy-to-use and on-demand access to large-scale infrastructures and has stimulated much research involving both academia and industry.

Although significant progress has been made in the design, deployment, operation and use of such infrastructures, many key research challenges remain to achieve the goal of a user-friendly, efficient, and reliable HDC systems. Research issues cover many areas of computer science to address the fundamental capabilities and services that are required in a heterogeneous environment, such as adaptability, scalability, reliability and security, and to support applications as diverse as ubiquitous local services, enterprise-scale virtual organizations, and internet-scale distributed supercomputing. Research in these specific systems will greatly benefit from interactions with the many related areas of computer science, making Euro-Par an excellent venue to present results and discuss issues.

2 Focus

  • HDC systems middleware
  • HDC systems-enabled applications and platforms
  • Interoperability and portability
  • Resource/service/information discovery
  • Power management in cluster systems
  • Aggregation and federation of clouds
  • Efficient energy usage of resources
  • Resource management and scheduling
  • Programming models, tools, and algorithms for HTC systems
  • Dependability, adaptability, and scalability
  • Security and privacy for HDC systems
  • Workflow management
  • Automated or autonomic management of resources and applications
  • Quality-of-Service and Service-Level-Agreement in HDC systems
  • Use of grid and cloud computing for HPC applications
  • Scalability and elasticity of applications and algorithms
  • Faults and failure management in clusters, grids and clouds

3 Topic Committee

3.1 Global chair

  • Frédéric Desprez, INRIA, France

3.2 Local chair

  • Radu Prodan, University of Innsbruck, Austria

3.3 Additional members

  • Adrien Lebre, Inria, France
  • Helge Meinhard, CERN, Switzerland
  • Rizos Sakellariou, University of Manchester, United Kingdom
  • Uwe Schwiegelshohn, TU Dortmund University, Germany
  • Domenico Talia, University of Calabria, Italy
  • Ramin Yahyapour, Georg-August University of Göttingen, Germany



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18:15 - 19:00, room EI 3A


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